CRC Statistics for Media

Information on the impact of CRCs is available through the website of the CRC Association (the CRCA), a non-government organisation that promotes the CRC Program and acts a conduit for information sharing and learning between CRCs.

A fact sheet, The Impact of CRCs on the Australian Education System, is available for download from the CRCA website. The fact sheet highlights programs that have been developed by CRCs within tertiary, secondary and primary levels of education and their impact on education. Two useful CRCA publications, Economic Impact Study of the CRC Programme and The Economic Impact of Cooperative Research Centres in Australia, provide useful background data on the economic impact of CRCs.

The CRCA provided a submission to the Australian Research Council’s ‘Excellence in Research for Australia’ initiative which described the impact of CRCs. A description of the submission is available on the CRCA website, as well as links to a full PDF of the submission and the CRCA guidebook: Impact Monitoring and Evaluation Framework: Background and Assessment Approaches.